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 many many success teeth in Vietnam

many many success teeth in Vietnam . When chewing, under the effect of chewing force, food can be crammed and jammed into the interstitial, causing very uncomfortable feeling, detracting from eating, sometimes even stop eating to floss. Intercostal edema can cause dull papillae, then swollen and bleeding easily. Gradually the gums fall down, the loosening between the teeth grow wider, teeth hurt every time in a collision and wobble gradually. In addition, inserting teeth can cause tooth decay in two adjacent teeth. You should not worry too much about problems that can occur after making porcelain teeth. Because your teeth and gums, jaw, teeth and even you all need time to get used to and adapt to this new member.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Stuffed teeth why and how chewing under the effect teeth

In the front teeth, interstitial occlusion is caused by the pressure of the cheek-tongue on the interstitial space that has been opened or caused by tooth decay or periodontal disease. This condition affects more aesthetic rather than functional. What is the cost of full mounth dental implants in Vietnam

In the inner teeth, insertion of teeth is more common, due to the gap between the two teeth, which cause food poisoning incisor teeth inserted into the interstitial space chewing. This condition usually increases with age, occurs in naturally occlusal teeth, discolored teeth due to periodontal disease or loss of teeth for a long time without being replaced by dentures, teeth with fillings or dressings. picture is open.

Tooth decay is a very difficult spot to clean by conventional brushing but requires special dental hygiene tools: Denal crown done by internation dentist in Vietnam

Toothpicks are used from ancient times and are made from a variety of materials. Use a toothpick made of soft wood and shaped to fit the interstitial area, is the triangular head of the tilt. Especially suitable to clean the interstitial was wide open, in older people, but should floss one way. lightly.

Flosses are recommended by dentists for interdental cleaning, especially narrow teeth. Can be used with fingers to stretch or use only on plastic rolling. The user should only point to difficult areas of the back of the mouth. Dental tourim in Vietnam 

Interdental brushes are small, similar in structure to brushbrushes, pyramidal or cylindrical brushes of various sizes, which help to clean the teeth quite well.

Water toothpaste is an oral hygiene device that cleans the interstitial space by the mechanical action of water jet with strong force. Its drawback is the need for electricity or batteries, which should be used where there is a water outlet (such as a hand basin), so it is difficult to use regularly. Its advantage is to reach the hardest areas in the mouth like under bridges and can be combined with antibacterial solutions.

Choose the appropriate tool depending on the shape and size of the teeth, position and arrangement of the two adjacent teeth and the ingenuity of the user. vietnam dentist prices

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